Tip-Off has been reloaded for 2014. That's right multi-sport tipping aficionados the simple, strange, curly and random questions of sport have been reloaded for your quizzing pleasure. To welcome the new year and liven things up a little we've added multi-point questions.

Also we will be adding questions at random intervals throughout the month, so make sure you check in regularly in case we get Oz Open fever early on. Best of luck.

Now get your tip on!

And remember, if you have any tips for us please let us know via email (to as we're always keen to hear suggestions for questions or improvements to Tip-Off.


    Tipping comp: Enter your tip for every question across a range of sports, and click 'Save Tips' to lock them in. You can change your tips any time up until the event starts. The highest overall tipping score for the month wins.
    Streak comp: Once you've made your tips, decide which ones you are most confident about and add them to your Streak. The longest continuous winning streak of the month wins. If your streak busts, just start a new one.

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Rank Name Score Tip%
1 dropkick 19 50.00
2 lewis_obrien 17 44.70
3 danielobi real dan Previous winner 16 42.10
4 Tarquin67 16 42.10
5 Duxy 15 53.60
6 collingwood Previous winner 15 39.50
7 ken.w 15 39.50
8 JimSamMann 15 39.50
9 mellimoo92 15 39.50
10 Freshwater 14 36.80
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Rank Name Best Streak Current Streak
1 Duxy 4 0
2 Bounsinball Previous winner 4 0
3 TeamCOLLIER 4 0
4 lewis_obrien 3 0
5 collingwood Previous winner 3 1
6 ken.w 3 2
7 JimSamMann 3 0
8 Freshwater 3 1
9 Emily aka Sister 3 1
10 johnnolan2000 3 2
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